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Promoting Artistic Collaboration with Imperfect Cinema

Article — 5 Min Read

Promoting Artistic Collaboration with Imperfect Cinema

Manor Street Galleries is delighted to announce and further develop our ongoing partnership with Imperfect Cinema, an innovative and dynamic organisation dedicated to the exploration of film, sound, and the moving image.

As we continue to breathe new life into the historic Old Morgue building, Imperfect Cinema’s presence adds an exciting dimension to our creative tapestry.

Founded in 2010 by film-makers Allister Gall and Dan Paolantonio, Imperfect Cinema has established an impressive international reach. Their film productions, micro-cinema events, festivals, and workshops have captivated audiences around the globe. From gallery shows in New York City to events in Australia, the European continent, and a remarkable two-year stint at Birmingham’s renowned Supersonic Festival, Imperfect Cinema has consistently pushed boundaries and inspired independent filmmakers.

Through their extensive portfolio of film productions, micro-cinema events, festivals, workshops, and screenings, Imperfect Cinema has demonstrated their  dedication to supporting emerging voices and encouraging exploration in the realm of film. By embracing an inclusive methodology and creating convivial spaces, they have successfully ignited a passion for filmmaking and collaboration.

As we continue to showcase contemporary art and cultural events, Imperfect Cinema’s participation adds an exciting and thought-provoking element to our  programming. By blending the historical significance of the Old Morgue with Imperfect Cinema’s international perspective, we aim to create a space where artists and audiences can engage with the power of visual storytelling.

Together, we will explore the boundaries of cinema, celebrate the art of the moving image, and provide opportunities for artists and filmmakers to share their work with a diverse audience. This ongoing collaboration aligns with our mission to create a thriving cultural hub within Stonehouse, where creativity knows no bounds.

Manor Street Galleries is thrilled to support Imperfect Cinema in their journey to inspire, innovate, and challenge the conventions of traditional filmmaking. We eagerly anticipate the exciting projects and events that will emerge from this partnership. As we embark on this shared path, we extend our warmest wishes to Imperfect Cinema for continued success in their pursuit of creative excellence.

As we unlock the potential of the Old Morgue, blending history and a range of art mediums, we create a space where imagination knows no bounds
Wishing Imperfect Cinema ongoing success in their endeavours, as we together explore the boundless possibilities of the moving image.

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