Interviews — 5 Min Read

Q&A with the gallery founder

Interviews — 5 Min Read

Q&A with the gallery founder

Manor Street Galleries is a new art gallery and café located in the historic building of The Old Morgue in Plymouth. The project is inspired by the rich cultural history of the area and aims to support emerging artists and contribute to the local art scene.

Although the founder prefers to remain anonymous, they have generously shared valuable insights into the project and its vision.

The Old Morgue

Q. Can you discuss the history of The Old Morgue and its significance to the local community?

The Old Morgue is a unique and historic building that has been an important part of the local community for many years. We felt that it was important to preserve its legacy while also creating a space that could inspire and engage visitors.

Q. Can you describe the process of transforming The Old Morgue into an art gallery and café?

It was a challenging but rewarding process that required careful consideration of the building’s original features and design. We wanted to create a space that would honour the building’s history while also providing modern amenities for visitors.

Q. How have you integrated the original features of the building into the new design?

We have preserved many of the original features of the building, including the slate and granite slab floor, which we uncovered and preserved during the renovation process. These unique and historical features have been incorporated into the new design of Manor Street Galleries, blending the old with the new. By preserving these elements, we hope to honour the building’s history and heritage, while also creating a welcoming and inspiring environment for visitors to enjoy.

Artists & Exhibitions

Q. What is the plan for upcoming exhibitions at Manor Street Galleries?

As a newly opened gallery, we are currently in the process of shaping our future exhibitions, featured artists, and types of art to be showcased. We have a pipeline of shows in development and are seeking out emerging and established artists to showcase their work. Our goal is to provide a diverse range of exhibitions that appeal to a wide audience and contribute to the vibrant art scene in the community.

Q. How will you select artists and feature them at the gallery?

We will have an open submission process for artists of all levels and backgrounds. Our goal is to showcase a diverse range of artwork that aligns with our vision & values. We will carefully review each submission to ensure that it meets our standards and fits with our gallery’s overall aesthetic.

The Café

Q. Can you tell us more about the café?

Café Momus is a crucial component of Manor Street Galleries. The café’s menu is currently under design, but we plan to partner with local businesses to incorporate local ingredients and products, in line with the café’s brand.

Q. What can visitors expect from Café Momus?

Café Momus is designed to be a playful and welcoming space where visitors can relax and enjoy the whimsical atmosphere. The café is decorated with colourful murals and artwork inspired by the mischievous spirit of our namesake. Whether you’re sitting at the bar or relaxing by the window, you’ll feel right at home in Momus Café.

Café Mamos will be open from 07.00-23.00 and offer both hot and cold drinks, as well as alcoholic beverages. Visitors can look forward to a range of delicious and locally sourced food and drink options. The café hopes to partner with local businesses to incorporate varied products into the menu.

Q. What was the inspiration behind the cafe’s name?

The inspiration behind the name Café Momus comes from the opera La Bohème, which is set in the Latin quarter of Paris in the 1830s. In the opera, Café Momus is a vibrant and bustling cafe where artists, writers, and intellectuals gather to socialise, exchange ideas, and enjoy each other’s company. We wanted to capture that same sense of community and creative energy in our cafe and create a space where visitors can feel inspired and engaged with the art and the local community.

Community Engagement

Q. How does Manor Street Galleries and Cafè Momus plan to contribute to the local art and culture scene?

We are excited to engage with the local and wider community through a range of events and workshops. Both Manor Street Galleries and Cafe Momus are available for hire and we hope to attract and host a diverse range of events, including art shows, book launches, and music performances. In addition, we hope to offer artist talks, panel discussions, and maybe art classes. We’re open to ideas !!

Our goal is to create a vibrant and inclusive space that promotes creativity and cultural exchange. By showcasing a range of art forms and supporting emerging artists, we hope to contribute to a thriving and dynamic art scene in Plymouth. We are also committed to working in partnership with local businesses and organisations to support the broader cultural landscape of the city.

In Conclusion

Manor Street Galleries and Café Momus are not just places to showcase art or grab a bite to eat, but also community spaces that foster creativity and cultural exchange. By preserving the historic features of The Old Morgue while also integrating modern amenities and local partnerships, this place hopes to become a unique and vibrant destination for both locals and visitors alike. We look forward to seeing the exciting events and exhibitions that will take place in the future at Manor Street Galleries and Café Momus.

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